We are pleased to inform you that CAME will be delivering the 2024 edition of the Canadian Leadership Institute for Medical Education (CLIME) 2.0. This delivery, which was designed by Canadian experts in medical education, will be held in person in Toronto, Ontario. This course will be offered in English; space is limited to a maximum of 40 participants.

CLIME 2.0 will include sessions on:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity - From Words to Action
  • ‘Clean Power' for Leadership
  • Coaching in medical education leadership
  • Developing Coalitions
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Disruptive Behavior
  • Embedding Joy in Leadership

Please note: You are registering as a Non-Member for the delivery taking place in Toronto, Ontario. 

Non-Member - CLIME 2.0 - This course will be delivered in English

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  • November 18 - 20, 2024
  • Toronto, Nunavut